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These Eyes Crave A Cum Facial

Monday, September 29th, 2008

Guys this girl goes by the name “Alien” and you already can guess that she isi out of this world! Those steamy eyes along with her sexy face… she already has a huge cum facial but you can tell that she’d take a whole lot more cum on her face!

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I’m sure most of you skipped right over reading this and are already clicking and watching the video below… but if your actually reading this, your missing out on watching Alien take on five hung dudes that have no problems fucking her hard and deep and then blasting huge huge cum facials all over Aliens face! I’ve probably mentioned it before, how the guys at Cum Cover sure do hire some of the hottest, sexiest girls out there.


Brush your teeth after a cum facial

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Paris Milan facial cum brushing

Guys this is Paris Milan (yeah that’s a pretty original name huh? lol) she is only 18 in this picture and while my true fetish is huge cum facials, you can’t help but stare at this girls 32 G all natural boobs!

Paris Milan jumped right out of the page at me while I was browsing Cum Brushers, a site like no other, where all the girls brush their teeth with real cum! Who thought of this site? I love it :) Hot girls fucking and sucking and ever scene ends with them getting a cum facial or at least a big load of cum on a toothbrush which they then have to brush their teeth with! Maybe this could be a new way to bleach your girls teeth. That’s it! If you have a girlfriend that wants to spend big money at the dentist to get her teeth bleached, just show her Cum Brushers, tell her she’ll need to take a huge cum facial and brush her teeth with it. She’ll need to do this for a few weeks straight and she will be amazed at the results! And if she buys that idea, let me know if she has a sister! lol

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Cum Facial to Cum Swallow

Friday, June 27th, 2008

Lots of cum facials for brittany

What do you guys think about this hottie getting a bunch of cum facials? Say hello to Brittany Amber this little cum loving whore has to have the happiest personality in porn! She really has fun doing these scenes and it truly shines through on her videos.

These pictures are all stills from one of Brittany Amber’s videos featured at Cover My Face. If your into multiple dudes shooting their loads of cum on a sexy willing face you don’t won’t to miss this one. This has been downloaded and added to my growing collection of cum facials and I would suggest you grab it to. Not only does Brittany take a bunch of facial shots but by the end she is scraping the sperm off her face and wiping it in the cup. Check out how much cum is in that cup! Not to mention the loads she swallowed by accident :) Yup she happily drinks that cup of cum, she swallows it all and doesn’t waste a drop! You’ll love the video…

Brittany\'s pussy riding facebrittany sucking black cockbrittany sucking white cock

brittany amber facial cumBrittany amber getting more facial cumBrittany showing all her facial cum in a cupBrittany ready to swallow mouthful of cum

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That last picture sure shows a lot of cum in her mouth! I couldn’t get a picture showing her swallowing all that sperm, so your going to have to just check out site I guarantee you’ll thank me later :)

Cony Gets Cum Facial By Five Studs

Friday, June 13th, 2008

Cony gets huge cum facial

I’ve got a treat for you guys today! I’ve figured out how to post videos on here! I know everyone out there doesn’t have high speed access so I’ll still be posting pictures more often then videos. That way the page will load faster and if you like the pictures I’ll always have a like or two where you can see the pictures as a video.

So today I’m posting a cum facial video of Cony the full length video can be had at Cum Cover. Cony was born in Budapest, August 16th 1982. She started out a blonde but then changed her hair dark, I think the dark hair is far more fitting to her and her cum fetish. This video clip shows Cory taking on 5 guys all lined up, taking turns using her face and body for their enjoyment. Cory loves being treated like a little cum slut. Choking and gagging on their cocks shoved far down her throat. Of course the end features her getting a super thick cum facial. Completely covering her whole face in a mess of thick cum!

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Annette Schwarz huge cum facial

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

annette cum facial

This is Annette Schwarz a very dirty cum whore. She loves cum, whether it’s a facial or in her mouth doesn’t matter to her. Just as long as she keeps on receiving cum! I think you will know what I’m talking about just from looking at these pictures that were taken from Sperm Glazed there’s so much cum covering girls faces on that site. If you’ve never check them out or if it’s been a while make sure you give them a quick look… I think it’s exactly what your looking for right now.

Annette after a cum facialannette sucking cock balls deepannette getting a cum facialannette loads of cum facialannette licking cum after a facial

Annette Schwarz said she measures 34C-26-40 but I think she is now down from a 40 to a 38 or 36. I think her body in bangin’. These pictures are actually screen captures from her full length 55 minute video where she face raped by a truckload of men! I’m serious they actually back up a pickup truck full of men to face fuck the hell out of her and give her a huge cum facial! At the time of this posting there is an excellent long trailer video right at the top of the front page.

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Memphis has huge tits and loves a cum facial

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Memphis with a cum facial

memphis cum facial

Damn! I don’t know what looks better about Memphis. The thick cum facial dripping down her face or those huge natural tits of hers!! Guys this is Memphis another hot ass girl from Cum Fiesta and she measures 32DD-24-33. I could be wrong but I think this is her first and only porn scene she’s done. I really wanted to find more hot videos like the one I got from one of my favorite cum facial sites… Cum Fiesta, but after searching for a long time, I came up with nothing :(

Are these some hot pictures I got for you guys or what? Those sexy eyes of hers and that sweet smile especially with a cum facail, you can tell that this girl would be so much fun to be with and not stuckup at all! There are some other great pics but figured you guys should just check out her video. There is a free sample video of memphis over at Cum Fiesta but it leaves out some wild crazy parts from the full length video.
How about that last picture? Just look at this horny slut on her knees and begging for another cum facial! This whore has cum all over the floor below her, just got a great facial and yet she still begs for more!! I love that picture!!! I think I’m going to print that out on my printer and shoot my load right on her face. I gotta go… ttyl

memphis chocking on cockMemphis dripping cum facialMemphis begging for cum facial

Huge cum facial on Yasmine Gold

Sunday, May 18th, 2008

huge cum facial on yasmine

What do you think about that picture? :) That’s a picture from Cum for Cover featuring Yasmine Gold with five huge loads of cum on her face. Just like my last post I couldn’t get these pictures in full size for you :( so you’ll have to just enjoy these small photos (click on them they should get a little bigger) next time I’ll be able to post larger photos again (long story).

So guys this is Yasmine Gold, she’s 5’6″, 34A-24-34, 110lbs, blonde hair, born in 1985 and is from Hungary, I even have her as a myspace friend, if you want her myspace it’s she looks so sweet on her myspace page you’d never think she was a cum slut! But read some of her porn titles that she’s been in and also how many!! So you ready to see her naughty side??
yasmine sucking off a groupyasmine wants cumyasmine ready for cum

She has a full 35 minute video available at this site where she does some extreme hard blow jobs, she chokes and gags on a group of hard cocks. She starts off wearing a sexy mini skirt and white thigh high boots, with 5 naked studs lined up and ready to be sucked off! She wastes hardly any time and just starts doing one after another, and pretty soon two by two and then five at once! Yasmine loves to be treated like a whore, while being degrated getting her face fucked hardcore. I was surprised that when it came time to cum on her face she kept her mouth closed… I was really expecting an open mouth with her maybe even swallowing a load or two. But in this case it’s sometimes sexy seeing a girl that you know doesn’t like the taste of cum having it covered in a huge cum facial.The guys did a pretty good job filling her face full of cum wouldn’t you say? Make sure you check it out, I haven’t disappointed you yet… :)

Gabriella gets a huge cum facial

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

Gabriella is one wild slut! She’s the newest girl featured on Cum for Cover. I love that site!!! The hottest girls all getting huge cum facials! And her video fits the site perfectly…I mean the full length video starts off with her standing with her face in the corner wearing the hottest tight black panties with big open fishnet stockings and highheels. What an unbelievable body Gabriella has… we are talking a perfect ten in my book. I’m sure all of you reading this blog would tap this girl in a heartbeat.
So she then turns around and has a big cock and balls dildo shoved down her throat with strap around it holding it down her throat!!! I’ve seen ball gags before, but never a cock and ball gag like this. You can tell just looking at her how hot and horny she is getting and how bad she wants to do this video scene…

Gabriella gets blindfolded and then the hardcore action really begins, 4 hung guys come into the picture and take big time advantage of that hot body of hers! Slapping her face with their cock, shoving their dick balls deep down her throat, finger fucking the hell out of her pussy… it’s all in the full length video that can be found at Cum For Cover. This video requires no fast forwarding to that facial cum shot that we all love so much!

Check out Gabrella’s video trailer before they remove from the site!

Cum Facial for Deena

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

I came across Deena on a site called Big League Facials she’s their newest featured horny slut. The whole site is devoted to girls getting a cum facial! Ok, Deena is the type of girl that you can just boss around and tell her what to do and she’ll do it… every mans dream? ;) She starts off slow by sucking the tip of her new fuck partner’s dick. It’s not long after that, the dude says enough is enough and grabs the back of her hair and shoves her throat all the way down his long shaft. Deena does a lot of gagging but never complains. Her pussy gets hot and horny from all that hard deep throating and she’s soon riding up and down on his cock. After several positions, she’s ready for the guy to pop. He pulls out of her and instead of cumming on her stomach like she thought was going to happen he blast a big load of cum all over her face! Even though you can see it in her eyes that she didn’t like it, she never complained and even started to wipe the cum off her face with her hand and lick the cum from her fingers!
I enjoyed cumming while watching the video it’s sure to make you blow your load.

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Ruby loves her face cum!

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

Here we have 20 year old Ruby. She measures in at 32B-24-37. She’s the latest amateur slut to appear here. I just finished watching her 33 min video that is available here. It starts off with her dressed in this sexy short jean skirt, yellow low cut blouse with a lacey pink bra popping out, big pink hoop earings and wraps it all with a sexy gold belt, and a small white jacket. She looks killer! I’d give anything to be able to bust a nut and give her a huge cum facial! This chicks face has cum written all over it…
Her video features nonstop action, no fast forward required. From the moment she strips out of her clothes to the cum final. You get to see her masteurbate, get her wet pussy and even her ass eaten out by some lucky dude. Then watch how she deep throats a footlong cock, right before fucking it in several postions, including doggie, missionary, riding on top, just to name a few. It was all super fucking hot and kept me hard throughout the full length of the video. I think you can tell from the pictures posted above that she enjoyed herself quite a bit ;)