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Jenna Haze gets multiple cum facial

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

Jenna Haze gets huge cum facial

I’m sure most of you have heard of famous porn star Jenna Haze. Well I couldn’t believe it, when I was browsing the latest updates at Sperm Glazed, I found that she is this weeks new cum facial girl! It’s just not that common to see a high paid porn star used only on a weekly update for an internet site. Guess that goes to show that the guys at Sperm Glazed know what the fuck they are doing and aren’t afraid to spend a little money on quality girls to cum all over!

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Watch her in true Jenna Haze fashion as she fucks and sucks her way thru 5 dudes. After watching this 35 minute video you’ll know why Jenna Haze is a high priced porn slut. You can just tell that Jenna loves getting pounding and really gets off on pleasing men! She’s also a cum eater, I’ve seen her in a scene where she took several loads and swallowed every drop of cum. But I really got turned on with this video because after she fucks these dudes cocks like mad… you get to see all the cum plastering her face instead of it all going into her mouth where you can’t really see just how much sperm there really was…

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Brush your teeth after a cum facial

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Paris Milan facial cum brushing

Guys this is Paris Milan (yeah that’s a pretty original name huh? lol) she is only 18 in this picture and while my true fetish is huge cum facials, you can’t help but stare at this girls 32 G all natural boobs!

Paris Milan jumped right out of the page at me while I was browsing Cum Brushers, a site like no other, where all the girls brush their teeth with real cum! Who thought of this site? I love it :) Hot girls fucking and sucking and ever scene ends with them getting a cum facial or at least a big load of cum on a toothbrush which they then have to brush their teeth with! Maybe this could be a new way to bleach your girls teeth. That’s it! If you have a girlfriend that wants to spend big money at the dentist to get her teeth bleached, just show her Cum Brushers, tell her she’ll need to take a huge cum facial and brush her teeth with it. She’ll need to do this for a few weeks straight and she will be amazed at the results! And if she buys that idea, let me know if she has a sister! lol

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Cum Facial for Deena

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

I came across Deena on a site called Big League Facials she’s their newest featured horny slut. The whole site is devoted to girls getting a cum facial! Ok, Deena is the type of girl that you can just boss around and tell her what to do and she’ll do it… every mans dream? ;) She starts off slow by sucking the tip of her new fuck partner’s dick. It’s not long after that, the dude says enough is enough and grabs the back of her hair and shoves her throat all the way down his long shaft. Deena does a lot of gagging but never complains. Her pussy gets hot and horny from all that hard deep throating and she’s soon riding up and down on his cock. After several positions, she’s ready for the guy to pop. He pulls out of her and instead of cumming on her stomach like she thought was going to happen he blast a big load of cum all over her face! Even though you can see it in her eyes that she didn’t like it, she never complained and even started to wipe the cum off her face with her hand and lick the cum from her fingers!
I enjoyed cumming while watching the video it’s sure to make you blow your load.

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